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Washer Dryer Package

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: water level switch, water inlet valve, water temperature switch, drive basket, brakes, clutch assembly, timer, sequencer, lid switch and actuator, touch pad, control board, power supply, motor, pump coupling, drive belt, and related electrical parts.

Trash Compactor

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: Removable buckets, lock, and key assemblies. NOT COVERED: All other.

Range Oven Cooktop

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: surface gas valves, main burner, pilot burner, oven safety valves, burner tubes, spark modules, electric infinite switches, thermocouple, manifold transformer, relay, regulator, standard thermostat, igniter, fuse, sensor, power pack, seals, surface unit controls, programmed cooking controls, heating elements, internal wiring.

Kitchen Refrigerator

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: condenser, defrost heating element, thermostat, fuse, relay, transformer, motor, compressor, timer, fan control, bearings, pump motor, switches, electrodes, semi-conductors, rectifiers, valves, and electronics circuits.

Ice Maker

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: mold and heater assembly, refill bearing, ice stripper, heating element, microswitch, ejector, wiring harness, ejector motor, mounting module, ejector gear, and lever arm.

Garage Door Opener

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: all mechanical & electrical components including chain, belts, door arm, trolley, control board, motor, gear assembly and sensors.


We will cover up to $500. COVERED: heating element, pump, thermostat, thermal fuse, washer, drain valve, motor assembly, door switch interlock, timer, float switch, inter valve, internal hoses, control panel and related electrical parts.

Built-In Microwave

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: door interlock electrical switch, touch pad/controller, diode, control board, transformer/inverter, stirrer motor, magnetron fan motor, related electrical parts.

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