Home Appliance, Systems and Electronics Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Below are some useful tips and tricks to help you save money and keep your appliances, home systems, and electronics lasting longer.

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Protection Tip #047

Clean Your Fridge Coils Every 3-4 Months

Failing to do so can cause temperature fluctuations and eventually food spoilage, not to mention cost you more in electricity. If you have pets you will need to clean your coils even sooner!

Protection Tip #201

Clean Your Microwave Weekly

Weekly cleaning of the inside of your microwave ensures that left over particles don’t turn into carbon. Carbon particles can result in appliance-damanging electrical sparks.

Protection Tip #152

Clean Dishwasher Gaskets & Clean Out Objects in the Pump Area and Spray Arms

Water and bleach are all you’ll need for this one. Spray down your gaskets with this solution and wipe clean of debris. Manually inspect the pump and spray arms and remove objects to keep your dishes even clean!

Protection Tip #231

Lighten The Load on Your Washer

Overloading your the clothes washer is a common problem amongst multi-taskers! You may feel like you’re being more efficient by putting your whole wardrobe in at once. The reality is that you are taxing the washers motor and transmission and headed down the road to premature repairs. Lighten the load at the beginning and you’ll save yourself money in the end!

Protection Tip #028

Replace AC Filters Every 3 Months

Air conditioning filters should be changed every 3 months. Dirty AC filters greatly affect both the efficiency of the AC unit as well as the overall air quality in your home, not to mention cause unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. If you have pets you should change your filters even sooner. Save even more money and buy yourself the three pack. We recommend you inspect filters monthly.