By incentivizing partnerships with realtors, Home Master Warranty lies one step ahead of many of its competitors in the warranty service industry. Home Master Warranty’s affordable and customizable service agreements can be attached to on-the-market houses, sweetening the deal for potential buyers and leaving room for realty commission opportunities.

In giving realtors a percentage from selling a home with Home Master Warranty services, those who sell houses can become more empowered to help buyers, and also aid in ensuring that their clients’ new appliances and electrical systems are financially defended against sudden malfunctions. For soon-to-be homeowners looking to purchase an older home, Home Master Warranty agreements can be especially critical, because things in the house that are no longer under warranty can once again be protected against disaster. For people who are wary of buying an older house, a warranty service can make their fears and anxiety about potentially expensive repair costs diminish, giving realtors an extra bonus feature to highlight when giving open house tours or advertising the home in consideration online.

Both the commission availability aspect and the potentially deal-closing effects of a home service agreement from Home Master Warranty make working with us a great opportunity for realtors looking to expand professionally and build a reputable name in the market. The housing market can be tough to navigate for those who are looking to purchase a home, and Home Master Warranty’s services on newer and older houses alike can add extra measures of clarity and reassurance for buyers.

To contact one of our experts, visit the Home Master Warranty “Contact Us” webpage, or give us a call at 800-957-3034 to set up your realty services in tandem with one of our unique warranty agreements. For new homeowners and realtors alike, leave uncertainty at the front door with Home Master Warranty, and instead feel free to embrace financial security like never before.