A range is one of the most common types of cooking apparatuses found in the average home, and it typically sees multiple uses on a daily basis. Stovetops such as these are used to heat up pans and ventilate the steam that comes off of them efficiently. Due to the sheer nature of how often they are used, this can lead to a lot of natural wear-and-tear on the appliance’s varying components.

Some of the most common types of mechanical issues with a traditional cooking range include issues with the ventilation fan, the heating coils not activating, or the oven itself being broken. Any one of these problems can mean expensive repairs and financial headaches for homeowners, especially those whose stovetops are older models.

Repairs to the range’s exhaust hood will allow for a smoke-free kitchen while you are cooking, something necessary for a safe home. If the heating coils or ignitions on your stove are not working properly, an electrical issue may persist with the appliance. This will likely require a mechanic to fix, and can cost a lot out of pocket to get repaired. The oven component of a typical kitchen range is also among its most important features. Something as simple as a broken oven light can be a simpler fix, but when the actual heating coil of the oven is non-functional, big and costly problems can arise.

New ranges typically come with a warranty, but if an older home is bought and the stove is outdated, it may be a smart move to acquire warranty service on it. Over multiple years of prior use, hidden problems with the stove can be made worse unknowingly, and by protecting yourself with a customized Home Master Warranty plan, these potential problems can be made much easier to deal with when they arise.