Both a clothes washer and dryer alike are essential pieces of machinery that any modern home has, making for effortless cleaning. However, when either one of these machines breaks, it can spell disaster for any homeowner, with high repair costs and loads of uncertainty bound to come about. Thankfully, Home Master Warranty has the ability to protect these types of household machines from unforeseen breaks and other types of unexpected malfunctions.

One of the most common types of washer repairs needed is in the case of a machine leak, where the detergent and water in the machine spills out uncontrollably. Another type of common break is where the internal cylinder will not spin, which can be due to an array of issues such as electronic malfunction, belt tears, or other mechanical errors. It can be a smart option to obtain warranty service on washers because of this, especially if you are running an older model on a daily basis.

For clothes dryers, overheating can be a potentially dangerous problem that needs to be looked for on a routine basis. If your dryer isn’t spinning properly, this is a type of fix that can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars to fix, as entire belts can need replacing in worst-case scenarios. If no heat is emanating from the inside of your dryer to dry the clothes, fuses or other electronic parts may need to be replaced in order to fix the machine. Either type of break can mean high repair costs and headaches for homeowners.

To protect yourself against unexpected washer and dryer repair costs, call Home Master Warranty today at 800-957-3034 to set up an affordable and custom-fit plan to your home’s specific needs. Don’t leave your home’s most expensive appliances to chance, and instead rely on one of our unique service agreements to prevent high repair costs before they even happen.

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