Benefits for home buyers and sellers

A home warranty benefits home buyers by providing reassurance that they can move in without worrying about shelling out even more for surprise repairs.

A home warranty can also benefit home sellers (if they don’t have it already), since it can cover these elements during the listing period. Oftentimes, home sellers will offer to pay for the first year of a buyer’s home warranty to entice buyers to buy the home

But not everyone thinks home warranties are worth the cost. Typically they aren’t necessary with new homes, since most of the appliances are already covered under manufacturers’ warranties. But in general, the older your home, the greater the odds are that something’s bound to break, and the wiser it is to get a home warranty. Best of all? Many companies don’t differentiate between newer and older homes in terms of cost, making a warranty an especially cost-effective option if you are purchasing an older home. 

Coverage Options

Good Better Best
Built-In Microwave Oven
Heating System
Internal Electrical System
Internal Plumbing System
Kitchen Refrigerator
Water Heater
Air Conditioner
Ice Maker
Washer/Dryer Package
Ceiling Fans
Doorbell System
Exhaust Fan
Garage Door Opener
Garbage Disposal
Trash Compactor
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