Pool ownership can be one of the most rewarding things for any homeowner, as it can serve as a nice outlet for relaxation and fun times. Routine maintenance is necessary to make on these nice additions to homes, as doing this can help prevent huge repair costs down the road. However, if your pool does happen to undergo a major break, unexpected repair costs can be astronomical, making warranty service on it an important thing to consider. With Home Master Warranty, leave the safety of one of your home’s most treasured features in capable hands.

When a pool’s pump system breaks, the normal flow of water circulating through its basin comes to a halt. This can lead to debris from trees, algae, and dirt particles accumulating in the pool water, making it too dirty to swim in. In addition to making the pool look undesirable, a broken pump can also make the water borderline unsafe, as things like algae and bacteria can begin to germinate in it with a lack of proper chemicals being evenly circulated throughout its water. Pump malfunctions can end up being one of the most expensive repairs to make, as the pump itself is perhaps the most integral piece of machinery to a pool’s functionality.

Filtration systems are also a huge part of what makes a pool sparkling clean. When this apparatus fails, clogs can form in the filter, and debris can also accumulate in the water, much like a pump break. An effective pool filtering system still needs to be cleaned out routinely if it is to remain effective, but even this can also prove to be costly if repairs from multiple years of wear-and-tear are needed.

Acquiring a warranty service agreement on your pool can prove to be one of the most efficient ways to protect yourself against high, unforeseen pool repair expenses. Call Home Master Warranty today at 800-957-3034 to speak with one of our experts about getting a service plan custom-fit to your specific pool protection needs.