If you are in the realty business, working with Home Master Warranty may be a great fit for you professionally, as well as your clients who are in the market for a home.

When trying to sell a home, including a home warranty service can often times sweeten the deal for those who are in the market for a house. This is particularly effective for making older homes more enticing to potential buyers, because it can ensure that older models of machinery in the house are covered against repair or replacement costs. If a potential homeowner knows that their soon-to-be home has appliances that are protected, they may feel more comfortable in closing on it, and listed houses can even sell faster because of added home warranty service. In fact, homes with warranty service sell 23% faster and for an average of 4% more when compared to houses that do not offer warranty service. Both old homeowners and new homeowners alike can benefit from home warranty acquisition because both types can be offered protection, as well as peace of mind.

By specifically marketing homes with warranty service, you can also work to establish a more reputable name in the realty sphere, and also add an extra measure of security to your clients’ new purchase. For realtors, plans to work with with Home Master Warranty can allow for commission to be made on home sales with Home Master Warranty-licensed service agreements put on them, making for a mutually-beneficial partnership.

With Home Master Warranty, entrust to us the task of financially defending your clients’ newfound property, as we offer an array of plans that can be suited perfectly to any budget or desire. Retain market stature, advance on new sales, and ethically ensure that your clients are given reliable appliance and home infrastructure protection by partnering with Home Master Warranty. Call us today at 800-957-3034 to speak with one of our experts.