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We will cover up to $1,000. COVERED: gas valve, main burner, limit control, pilot burner, thermocouple, flame spreader, regulator, standard thermostat, manifold, fuse, transformer, relay, igniter, sensor, motor, power pack, bearings, pulleys, fan control, pressure control, pressure gauge, low water cut-off, sight glass, coupler, power pile, fluid pump, blower, and heat coil. Only natural gas/propane space heaters used for heating customer’s entire residence are covered as central heat. NOT COVERED: All other components, including but not limited to: Ductwork, Solar heating systems, fireplaces, chimneys, heat lamps, fuel storage tanks, liners, registers, grills, timers, flues and vents, filters, improperly sized heating systems, expansion tanks, free-standing or portable heat units. All components and parts relating to geothermal, water source heat pumps, and pellet stoves.