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Additional Air Conditioning Unit

Electric only we will cover up to $500. Coverage is available on residential cooling systems not exceeding a five (5) ton capacity. COVERED: condenser, defrost heating element, standard thermostat, fuse, relay, transformer, motors, compressor, pulleys, timer, fan control, bearings, fluid pump, switches, electrodes, semi-conductors, rectifiers, and electronic circuits.


We will cover up to $500 All mechanical system components and parts.

Built-In Microwave

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: door interlock electrical switch, touch pad/controller, diode, control board, transformer/inverter, stirrer motor, magnetron fan motor, related electrical parts.

Ceiling Fans

We will cover up to $500. COVERED: ceiling fan motors and controls (replaced with builders standard).

Central Heating System

We will cover up to $1,000. COVERED: gas valve, main burner, limit control, pilot burner, thermocouple, flame spreader, regulator, standard thermostat, manifold, fuse, transformer, relay, igniter, sensor, motor, power pack, bearings, pulleys, fan control, pressure control, pressure gauge, low water cut-off, sight glass, coupler, power pile, fluid pump, blower, and heat coil.


We will cover up to $500. COVERED: heating element, pump, thermostat, thermal fuse, washer, drain valve, motor assembly, door switch interlock, timer, float switch, inter valve, internal hoses, control panel and related electrical parts.


We will cover up to $500. COVERED: accessible ductwork from cooling and/or heating unit to point of attachment to registers or grills.

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