Due to the nature of perishable items inside a fridge, refrigerator malfunctions can end up being especially costly endeavors. According to the Chicago Tribune, the average family of four will spend nearly $250 to stock a fridge with basic food items for one week. If your fridge remains broken for longer than 24 hours, things like dairy products can easily spoil, and if left unfixed longer, vegetables and meats can go bad as well.

One of the best ways to prevent being hit with both the high cost of perished food items and the fridge’s mechanical repair simultaneously is to get a warranty on the refrigerator. This can help alleviate the up-front cost of unforeseen breaks in the fridge, which would likely be the highest expense in an appliance breakdown of this nature.

Some of the most common types of fridge repairs are related to either the ice and water dispensers not working, or the electrical board being compromised. If the electric board is broken, the refrigerator will not retain and generate cold air until it has been replaced. This is one of the worst types of refrigerator breaks because it impedes on the appliance’s basic functionality, and in many cases, it needs to be completely replaced.

If your fridge’s ice or water dispenser is broken, this may be the result of clogging, dispenser control board issues, or the dispensing switch being broken. The switch is the part that signals to the machine to dispense either ice or water, and if there is interference between the switch and the dispenser, it will be rendered non-functional. Clogging of the water pipe also will result in slowed or little dispensing and is something that may need to be repaired.

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